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Reports & Plans

The following organization reports are available for viewing by selecting the links.

Plans and Objectives

2023-2025 Three Year Strategic Plan

FY23 Objectives

FY22 Objectives

FY21 Objectives

Annual Reports

FY21 Annual Report

FY20 Annual Report

FY19 Annual Report

FY18 Annual Report

FY17 Annual Report


Audit Reports

FY21 Audit Report

FY20 Audit Report

FY19 Audit Report

FY18 Audit Report

FY17 Audit Report


Illinois 990

FY21 IL 990

FY20 IL 990

FY19 IL 990

FY18 IL 990

FY17 IL 990

Federal 990

FY21 Fed 990

FY20 Fed 990

FY19 Fed 990 

FY18 Fed 990

FY17 Fed 990


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