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About INC Board

INC Board, NFP is a Community Mental Health Funding Alliance, the local mental health authority better known as 'INC' in the south Kane County area. We are a unique partnership of seven township community mental health 708 boards. After passing a referendum for collection of a mental health tax, each township levies this tax upon recommendation of their 708 board. The levies are combined to maximize planning and funding for the residents in all seven townships for mental health, developmental disability, and substance abuse services. The combined levies are administered by INC, the umbrella board, with a small staff. The umbrella board consists of a representative from each of the seven township community mental health 708 boards and eight at-large members.

INC staff works closely with local area schools, universities, service providers, agencies, hospitals, the health department, other local funders, and others to keep on top of available community mental health services and plan for their delivery to any resident in need. INC is also involved with state associations to keep abreast of broader issues. Through knowledge gained by working on these collaborations, committees, task forces, councils, and so on, staff determines where the system needs improvement and shares knowledge with the board of directors to design a Three-Year Plan with One-Year updates. The Plan provides an overview of the service delivery system, goals for improvement, and objectives to reach the goals.

Agencies funded by INC work to improve service delivery in accordance with INC's goals. Approximately 15 agencies are currently funded and provide services for over 10,000 residents each year. INC also owns 13 acres of land with four buildings on the Amita Health Mercy Medical Center campus in Aurora. These taxpayer-owned buildings house several agencies at below-market rent, providing administrative and program space for them to deliver services.

Mission Statement

To support mental, intellectual and developmental health, and well-being for residents of the seven townships in INC's alliance by responsibly using these local resources to fund, plan, coordinate, monitor, advocate, educate and lead collaborative efforts for a local system of care that provides services to any resident with mental health concerns, developmental/intellectual disabilities and/or substance use disorders.


Dalila Alegria, Executive Director

Colleen Balija, Operations Manager

Ann Montgomery, Administrative Assistant